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I have worked as a graphic designer, web designer, and photographer. I like to look at design issues with a focus on practical problem solving, and believe the best designs adhere to the principle of form following function. With an educational background in art and illustration, however, I also enjoy having the freedom to think beyond the boundaries and create work that resonates in different ways with different viewers. What I love about working as a designer is the challenge I have to constantly refine my approach and find creative new solutions. 

I grew up in northern California and have lived in Orange County since 2012. Currently, I work as a graphic designer in the outdoor/lifestyle industry.



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"I am pleased to recommend Marisa Lowey-Ball. She worked for Saddleback College's Division of Fine Arts & Media Technology in 2016, and has served us well. During this time, she provided the Division with exceptional work, jumped right into every assignment with zest and vigor, and completed each one in a timely manner. Marisa is one of those people that is such a joy to be around because of her intelligence and pro-active attitude and I have enjoyed my contact with her."

-David Anderson, Director of Audience Development, Saddleback College

"Because of Marisa’s hard work, great attitude, innovative design talent, and bright personality, we were able to promote numerous events in our theatres and galleries. Her youthful and hip design aesthetics are able to attract large audiences for theatre, music, speech, art, and fundraiser events.
Her posters are displayed in our large cases around the theatre, and I constantly receive accolades about her works that I love passing onto her. I can truthfully say that Marisa Lowey-Ball’s design talents makes me look good!"

-Nina Welch, Fine Arts Public Information Officer, Saddleback College