Marketing Emails

While working as the media design and publicity assistant for Saddleback College's Fine Arts and Media Tech department, I pitched and subsequently took on the project to modernize our email marketing by designing HTML-based marketing emails, sent on a monthly basis to patrons and donors to promote the department's events and initiatives. This included:

  • creating custom web-optimized graphics to advertise events and promote online ticket sales; 
  • designing branding to use each month for continuity;
  • editing and troubleshooting code for broken links and formatting issues;
  • and copywriting for promotional blurbs.

It's been a thoroughly rewarding project, and I've enjoyed the experience of managing the process from beginning to end, not only creating the content but also making the decisions on layout, overall feel, and hierarchy, and working out technical issues to create a UX-friendly, engaging end result.


branding graphics

Examples of the email header graphic and a related banner. These images incorporate the designated school logo, official font, and school colors, creating continuity with the overall branding for the college.


custom graphics

Examples of the custom graphics I created to promote events at the college, mixing photos and simple, bold graphics to create more visual interest.

all together now

This shows a couple of the custom graphics with their accompanying text, as they appeared in the original marketing email.